The Window Sill Observatory

November 20, 2011

Public Demo of DSSR now Available

Filed under: Software — Dave @ 12:40 pm

You can try out a free, pre-release demo of DSSR by going to our Support and Downloads page.

There are a few limitations which will soon be removed. These are detailed in Appendix C of the user manual which is copied below. DSSR will automatically update itself as these limitations are lifted. (more…)


November 13, 2011

Jupiter Twin Moon and Shadow Transit Animation

Filed under: Animations, Software — Dave @ 4:27 pm

This was taken with a Nexstar 4SE OTA on a HEQ5 Pro mount and a Toucam webcam. DSSR autoguided the scope and captured the videos. Seeing deteriorated towards the end but DSSR never lost the guide target over 5.5 hours.


November 8, 2011

Latest Testers’ Gallery

Filed under: Moon, Software, Sun — Dave @ 11:08 am

Our illustrious test team have been busy trying out the new mosaic feature of DSSR. Below are a few of their images. This is the best part of my job – looking through these great images on a large TV. It doesn’t get much better.

Click on an image to see the original – some are VERY large.


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