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November 13, 2011

Jupiter Twin Moon and Shadow Transit Animation

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This was taken with a Nexstar 4SE OTA on a HEQ5 Pro mount and a Toucam webcam. DSSR autoguided the scope and captured the videos. Seeing deteriorated towards the end but DSSR never lost the guide target over 5.5 hours.

After capture, the videos were stacked in AviStack and the resulting time-lapse frames were stablised in DVS. I boosted the brightness levels in the final video to show the moons more clearly.

The video is at 500x real time and shows the shadow of Io crossing Jupiter and then Io clears the disk. Next, Ganymede crosses Jupiter followed by its shadow. All the time, Callisto is moving in from the left.

There are quite a few stacking artifacts caused by the poor seeing but I am very pleased with my first shadow capture.


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