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November 20, 2011

Public Demo of DSSR now Available

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You can try out a free, pre-release demo of DSSR by going to our Support and Downloads page.

There are a few limitations which will soon be removed. These are detailed in Appendix C of the user manual which is copied below. DSSR will automatically update itself as these limitations are lifted.


Autoexposure control is currently very slow and should only be used on slowly changing targets. You should only use AutoExposure on sequences with 1 exposure and 1 monitor point.

Only coarse software camera exposure control is currently available for multi-exposure captures. You must use the exposure, gain and gamma controls in the Exposures dialog to set multiple exposure levels. Fine control for single exposures is also available manually by right-clicking the camera button.

AzTrak not yet implemented. Only GEM mounts are currently supported.

Scope portrait mode inactive.

SmartTrak is not yet implemented. This means that DSSR cannot find the guide target after moving to another monitor point or if the target brightness varies.

The above limitations mean you can perform the following with a roughly aligned telescope mount.

• Single and HDR mosaics
• Single exposure, autoguided time-lapse captures.
• Multiple exposure non-autoguided captures

Users with well aligned mounts can also perform these actions.

• Multiple and HDR mosaics
• Multiple exposure time-lapse captures
• Time lapse captures of multiple points (with single or multiple exposures of each point)


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