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April 18, 2012

Adding Time Stamps to Animations with DVS

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DVS now allows you to display time stamps on each frame of your animations for an accurate display of capture time. DVS can read the capture times directly from DSSR images or you can simply set the start and end times for your animation. Prefixes and suffixes can also be added to the time stamp. The relevant section from the DVS manual is copied below: (more…)


April 3, 2012

Solar Animation Tutorial

Filed under: Animations, Software, Sun, Tutorials — Dave @ 1:35 pm

This tutorial was produced to show the work flow involved in creating these solar animations.

You can download a zipped folder of solar Fits files to try out from here (190mb). Go direct to step 4 if you download them. Alternatively, you can download the complete set of processed PNGs here (59mb) and go directly to step 5. (more…)

April 1, 2012

Lunar Test for Focus Meter

Filed under: Moon, Software — Dave @ 1:40 pm

Below is a quick lunar mosaic captured by DSSR after focusing by DFM. It shows nice detail from a Nexstar 4SE 4″ telescope with 2.5x PowerMate which results from accurate and objective focusing. There is even a hint of the central rill in the Vallis Alpes – I think (see detail below). Click on the image for the full size version or check out the Zoomit version.


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