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March 30, 2012

Latest Solar Prominence Animations

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I was lucky to record 4 hours of unbroken solar activity during Scotland’s recent record breaking sunshine. DSSR guided my Nexstar 4SE/PST combo while it also captured 20s videos with 20s pauses between. These videos were processed in AviStack and DVS was then used to stablize the animations and add the overlay text and scale Earth.

This was the first ‘blind’ test of DFM and I relied totally on the focus meter to adjst focus. I made 3 animations from the data which are below. (right-click on videos to turn on looping)

Animation 1. Full camera view 1000x real time. Check filament at bottom towards end.

Animation 2. Colored prom detail 1000x real time.

Animation 3. Reversed prom at 5000x real time to show Sun’s rotation.


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