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March 9, 2012


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EQMOD is an initiative that lets you hook up your PC to your mount without using a hand controller. There is an ASCOM driver for EQMOD which has some features that impact on DSSR. These are:

  • The track rate (sidereal, solar, lunar) are read only for external software like DSSR.
  • The pulse guide rates are read only as well.
  • The driver always reports its track rate as sideral to external software.

You can still use DSSR with the EQMOD driver as long as you follow the following guidelines.

  1. You must change the track rate within the driver. DSSR cannot change it.
  2. Likewise, you must change the pulse guide rates within the driver.
  3. DSSR will always report the track rate as sidereal. Use the driver rate display instead.

Many thanks to the EQMOD user group for explaining this.


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