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October 12, 2011

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Solar Mosaic Capture

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Today we were lucky to have some Sun and try out the MultiExposure feature of DSSR on a solar mosaic. DSSR allows you to take a series of videos at different exposure settings to cover the full range of features on the Sun. These can range from the brightest flares to the faintest prominences.

We set up a Coronado PST with an Imaging Source DMK21 at prime focus to test the software. Centering the video recticle over the disk’s 3 and 6 o’clock position allowed DSSR to automatically calculate the centre point of the mosaic and work out the number of tiles to capture to give the required overlap.

We then manually adjusted the camera settings to give a range of 4 exposures which were saved in DSSR. Pressing the Mosaic>Start button then let DSSR automatically control the telescope and camera to record 4x 10 second long videos for each of the 4 mosaic tiles. 

We are still processing the videos to create our first HDR solar mosaic. Meantime, below is a sneak preview of the DSSR software interface with some of the settings windows visible.

DSSR automatically creates mosaic preview images for each of the 4 exposures to let you monitor the progress. These are also shown below:


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  1. Looks awesome Dave – can’t wait to try it out!

    Comment by dnaboy — October 14, 2011 @ 4:35 pm

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