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October 3, 2011

Overnight Jupiter Autoguide using DSSR

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We set a new DSSR autoguide record recently. I set up my scope on Jupiter at 10pm and went to bed. When I woke up at 4.20am I was very pleased to see that DSSR had successfully tracked on Jupiter the whole night. It only lost track when Jupiter went behind my roof.

DSSR captured 1400x 20sec videos at 15fps from my Toucam 740 which I have assembled into a timelapse below. Unfortunately, I over-exposed the surface but you can still see some clouds rotating and 2 moons. One of the moons drops into Jupiter’s shadow before going behind the planet and re-appearing on the other side.

Session details:

Nexstar 4SE OTA with 2.5x Powermate and Toucam 740 mounted on HEQ5 Pro.

Capture and autoguiding by DSSR, stacking in AviStack and stabilisation in DVS.


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