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August 2, 2011

Crackling Sunspots 27/7/11

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DSSR can auto-guide your telescope on solar surface features and prominences. This means you can leave your scope unattended while DSSR captures your video clips. This video was made during the first auto-guide tests and shows some frantic solar activity over a 66 minute period. The video runs at about 220x real time.

The video is repeated inverted to show the details a bit better.

DSSR automatically recorded around 470 video clips of 300 frames each. These clips were then stacked in AviStack overnight to produce 470 enhanced and detailed frames. DSSR’s video stabilisation module then removed any remaining judder between frames to produce the final video.

The nice thing about this technique is that it mostly runs itself. I mowed the lawn while DSSR was controlling the camera and telescope.

ps – you can see more details of these sunspots at Space Weather


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