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December 7, 2010

My First Sun Movie

Filed under: Animations, Sun — Dave @ 7:28 pm

Today was the first test of my new image capture and processing application for H-alpha scopes. Although the sun is only 10 degrees above the horizon just now, I managed to get some good test footage. I think this proved that the software can produce reasonable coloured results in real time from a monochrome camera.

30 minutes of recording gave me 30 batches of images that were sharpened in AviStack to give 30 video frames. You can see the short movie here and here is one of the frames.

Sun in H-alpha on 2010-12-07 @ 12:37UT

The video is very jerky because my little Nexstar 4SE mount is not tracking too well. However, I will soon install a smoother mount which will let me shoot longer videos and close-ups as well.

You might see something shoot across the sun about halfway through the video. It was a jet plane and you can see a slowed down clip here.


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